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People Did It


We the people

We were established in 2010 with partners on both coasts working in Venice, CA and Boston, MA with a combined 20+ years of experience.

People Did It's work spans the whole spectrum of both the web and print worlds. We provide solutions ranging from full development of a branding system to to a simple logo design…from enterprise-level website design and development to short but sweet email campaigns.

We believe in pushing the boundaries. Our portfolio shows our diverse client base and the range of solutions that comes about from such thinking.

Ok, enough with the blah blah marketing speech. In a nutshell, we're just 2 guys, Joe and Daniel, who grew tired of working for BIG agencies and realized how much companies were wasting with all that BIG-ness. So, we started People Did It to allow for the People to do it, as in: we have an amazing team of people to accomplish all kinds of things to make your work the absolute best.