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People Did It


Mojave Desert2 march

A few shots from the Mojave Desert. Not as sandy as you'd think, but extremely sparse.Have a look >>

CANLOVE27 sept

Just launched new wordpress 3.0 website with some cool features including custom type post Have a look see for yourself >>

Silver Lake14 aug

We recently explored Hipster central in LA. It's called Silver Lake which is an area just east of Hollywood Have a look and see what we captured >>

West Hollywood22 july

I was on my way to pick Pam up in West Hollywood and going through some areas I hadn't been before. Just shooting and driving. Loading random selection for each photo and there is a wide selection of images and style. Hope you enjoy. Check it out>>

The City11 july

Corey over at Citysports came to us for this campaign to promote a new initiative for a weekly run they feature at their stores. We worked up something that would work into their design that both was inviting to new runners and visually engaging…Take a look>

SoCal Style10 july

Daniel, a recent transplant to SoCal, has a lot of new things to see. He went out on a bike ride for a few hours and took some shots. He played with a bunch of the feature options on the iphone, including the hiptstamatic app. We think it came out pretty cool Check it out>>

It's Go Time9 july

Let the drinking and toasting begin. it's offical kids, We have lanched People Did It. The new brainchild/partnership between Joe Morris and Daniel Luizer. We are a Graphic & Interactive Design Agency, Period. Let the fun begin!

Please note, the site is a work in progress and there are some areas that still need a little spit polish.